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Get Tickets for Ghost Game XII: Into the Dark

Join us for our 12th annual Ghost Game, to be presented this year in our new home – Arcadia in the Ballard neighborhood. This intimate, immersive theater experience will include acrobatic theater, aerial dance, puppetry, and terrifying tales from myth and folklore as only the Cabiri can present. Into the Dark explores how humans draw darkness upon themselves, the actions of their lives invoking darkness from the supernal realms. Travel back to the ancient world with us and find images of great people who affected their own lives and the lives of those they love by awakening the darkness of the gods. Witness their journey into what lies beyond, accompanied by psychopomps both angelic and cthonic. Live accompaniment by celadon and vox vespertinus and Seattle Kokon Taiko make Into the Dark an experience like no other.

Visit the Arcadia page to learn more about cultural, aerial, and dance course offerings, special events, and the opportunity to rent Arcadia for your event or rehearsal.


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GGXII: Into the Dark

Our 12th annual Ghost Game Halloween production, to be presented October 18 – November 3 at our new home – Arcadia – in Ballard. Tic...

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Art Walk: Aramis Hamer

Please join us for the September 8 Ballard Art Walk at Arcadia from 6-9pm to see the work of Aramis Hamer.

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