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We Invite You to Help Us Weather the COVID-19 Storm: Donate

Don’t miss the Seattle Times article “How to help arts and culture workers in the middle of the coronavirus crisis” featuring Cabiri Managing Director Charly McCreary.

For those who remain employed and able to earn income at this time, we invite you to consider helping us weather the fiercest storm we’ve ever faced. This one is worse than the surge of the Du’at as Ra passes by, fiercer than the sirens’ fury at Odysseus’ ship, and even worse than the raging waters of the Abzu as Enki attempts to pass. It’s as if Teshub himself were stomping the heavens and showering plague down upon the Earth. Our home studio Arcadia is shuttered and our spring production is postponed to later this summer, perhaps even Autumn if the coronavirus crisis continues. At this moment, we have absolutely no revenue coming in to support our rent and ongoing organizational expenses.

We’re holding each other closely (while maintaining social distancing) and keeping the fires of Cabiria stoked during this storm. Will you help us keep it burning? Our Patreon page could use a few more supporters, or you can take advantage of the myriad of platforms we participate in, to show your support in the coming months. Learn more. Audi ignis vocem! We will get through this, together.

Garden of Dreams has been postponed to Autumn 2020. Exact dates and ticket link will be available in late August or early September. 

The line between poison and medicine is as delicate as the leaves of a newly-sprouted fern in the forest. In Garden of Dreams, we explore the role of the plant kingdom in myth and folklore across the ages. From the Slavic tale of Mati Syra Zemlya (“moist mother earth”) to the joyous dance of the dryads in an idyllic forest and the terrifying concoction known as flying ointment, plant lore in all its forms will appear in this production. Prepare to be mesmerized and enchanted by our aerialists, acrobats, and dancers and know that you may never experience a walk in the woods the same again. Due to mature subject matter, Garden of Dreams is not recommended for guests under 12 years of age.

Garden of Dreams contains odorless, water-based haze effects and strobe lighting.

Behind the scenes photos, video, and more information about the stories that will appear in the show will be available on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

What’s next? Keep an eye out for an announcement of our plans for 2020 coming soon. We have some exciting news to share coming in the spring and could use your help to make it happen. Visit our Contribute page to find out what we need and how you can help.

Interested in finding out more about what’s going on at the studio? Check the Arcadia page to learn more about cultural, aerial, and dance course offerings, special events, and the opportunity to rent Arcadia for your event, class, or rehearsal.


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