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Welcome to the new year! Following on the success of 2013, we look towards another year of tremendous growth and intense focus.

January through May of 2014 will be devoted exclusively to intense rehearsals for TEWAZ, the long awaited the first installment of Artistic Director John Murphy's TEA trilogy. Foreshadowed in Ailuran, the angelic Watchers return and once again make contact with the people of Hyukan in an epic adventure that will cross 8,000 years of folktales from the Levant.

This year brings the first opportunity for season tickets to all three of this year's productions. As apropos to the season, these tickets will be available on Imbolc. VIP Season ticket holders will also have the opportunity to come to private events throughout the year that expand upon the stories from Cabiria!

Amidst the wonder of our performances we continue to teach weekly aerial dance classes. Visit our Classes page  to learn how you can fly, spin and soar on trapeze, silks and hoop with our expert instructors.

Thank you to 4Culture, Seattle Office of Arts and Culture, Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, and the many individuals who have donated or volunteered for your continued support.  You too can help The Cabiri make our magic, find out how here!


Upcoming Events

June 6-14, 2014
Cornish Playhouse
201 Mercer St.
Seattle Wa. 98109

Tickets Now Available

"Those who have been initiated into
 the Mysteries of the Cabiri
 will understand my Meaning"

-- Herodotus