Rise of the Peacock Angel

It is a new dawn for mankind. The apocalypse rose out of the sea swallowing the ancents in atlantis and bringing and age of ice tot he world.

Across the globe humans climb out of their caves, looking up to the coming of the new son.

In ancient Anatolia, in a small Village  called Catal Huyuk, the people have kept the old stories alive of the ancient races. Hiding in troglodyte dwellings, they come now to the land.

But as the rise out of the caves in the earth and re establish themselves on the lands, they realize they are not alone, the old gods did not die, they have simply been waiting.


  1. Shamans dance
    1. in which we learn of the hunters binding to the hunted
  2. the hunt
    1. a traditional catal huyuk hunt
  3. tragedy
    1. the death of a hunter
  4. the funeral
    1. charnel ground and the funeral tower
  5. encounter
    1. an angel discovered
  6. courtship
    1. binding
  7. conflict
    1. the courtship discovered
  8. and there will your heart be also
    1. end