Charly McCreary


Charly McCreary is a founding member of the Cabiri, involved with the company as a performer and member of the leadership team since 1999. She has studied aerial arts, physical theater and dance with Robert Davidson, Sam Alvarez (Cirque du Soleil, Cavalia), Elsie and Serenity Smith (Cirque du Soleil, NECCA), Fred Deb’ (Drapés Aériens), David Clarkson (Stalker Theatre Company), Tanya Burka (Cirque du Soleil), Jenn Bruyer, and countless others. Charly completed her MFA in Arts Leadership at Seattle University in 2015. Charly is inspired by myth, mystery,  magic, nature, birds of prey, and the plant kingdom and cherishes the incomparable opportunity to walk in the shoes of a deity every now and then as a performer in the Cabiri. She also serves as Managing Director of the Cabiri and was Studio Manager and instructor at our home studio Arcadia (2018-2020). Charly is also an esoteric arts practitioner, ordained priestess, astrologer, and ceremonial facilitator within a variety of spiritual traditions.

Photo Credit: Warren Woo