Warren Woo


Warren Woo is a photographer, videographer, movement instructor, dancer, and choreographer in the Seattle area. He graduated as a dance major at the University of Washington and actively participated as a performer, and choreographer, along with conducting honors research on dance partnering. Born in Hawaii and having to relocate often, he was homeschooled and found his anchor through creative outlets including juggling and his study in music. He found his passion for dance as an adult in social partner dance and gradually found his way to ballet, contemporary dance, and circus. Frequently collaborating with those in the area he has had the opportunity to present choreographic work at Converge Dance Festival, Tint Dance Festival, and Full Tilt. He has also performed as a freelancer extensively in the Seattle area and has performed with companies including the Cabiri, Jerboa Dance, Relay Dance Collective, and more. Currently, he teaches at eXit SPACE, and Enchant Vertical Dance.