Granting Organizations

Service Donations

In  Kind Donations


(we did not forget you, we are still coalating this year!)

Local Deities
$1000 and up

Mark Teppo
John Mullally
Brian Power
Genevieve Williams
Beth Moursund


Debra Poth
Mollie McWhorter


Cori Kruger
David Tindall
Richard Lotz
Lenora Kruger
Leslie Reisfeld
Hannah Blumenthall
Patrick Crawford
Velibor Peric
Maggie Fongheiser
Joe Montgomery
Lynn Phan
Richard Cardone
Marta Johnson
Anne Boutte

$50 -$99

(Under $50)
Jenn Huff * Jake Landry * Mark Dalton * James Loui * Erica Sherman * Robyn Mclintock

The Anunnnaki Project is a community organization. We take the myths of the past and we create a new reality with the people of the present, melding the old with the new for a brighter tomorrow! We would not be here if it was not for the financial support of these organizations that have given assistance. The world is a grey place without public art and we, the bringers of color to the world, cannot do it without the helping hands that carry us!
Help us keep the dream alive.